How to put a protective glass on a smartphone? Step by step guide

protective glass on a smartphone

One of the first questions many people ask after buying a new phone is how to put a protective glass on a smartphone. We want the display of the device to be protected against damage, and at the same time to look good. We advise what to do to achieve such an effect.

How to put a protective glass on a smartphone? Start with good preparation

put a protective glass on a smartphone

First, we have to choose what kind of glass we will stick to the display of our phone. Much depends on our personal preferences and the degree of protection we need. Individual glasses available on the market differ, among others thickness, hardness and flexibility. If you want to learn more about it, please see the guide on how to choose accessories for your smartphone . 

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However, it is definitely worth choosing products with good opinions (so that it does not turn out that the glass we have chosen is, for example, badly cut) and with a decent assembly kit . In the case of the cheapest glasses ordered online, it happens that they have a protective foil on one side only, and the wet cloth for wiping the screen has long time to dry and is too small.

put a protective glass on a smartphone

Glass already selected and bought? It’s time to move on to its assembly, but before we do that, we should prepare the place where we want to put the accessory. A regular table or desk is enough (as long as it does not swing from side to side). 

It is good to clean the surface in advance and remove unnecessary things from it so that we do not get caught on them and that they do not distract us. A few minutes before assembly, let’s wipe the dust thoroughly – it’s better if all kinds of pollen and particles will not settle on the device. The last thing is adequate brightness in the room. It’s best to put the glass in a well-lit place, if it’s late in the day or cloudy weather, let’s turn on the light.

How to put a protective glass on a smartphone – step by step instruction

If you already have the appropriate glass and the place to put it on, there is nothing else to do but start the assembly .

Put the glass to the screen, no sticking for now

First, it is worth making sure that the glass we bought fits the screen of our smartphone. Gently put the glass on the display, without removing any protective films. Let’s check if any openings for the front camera, speaker or – in the case of older iPhones – a physical button are in the right places and their size is sufficient.

put a protective glass on a smartphone

Such a fitting also allows you to react appropriately when the glass is not perfectly cut, but still suitable for assembly. For example, it may happen that the accessory is 2-3 millimeters too short or too narrow, but it will still fit . 

When we know about it in advance, we will stick the glass so that any uncovered places on both edges of the smartphone are the same large. Then the end result will look good. Without trying on, it may turn out that we stick the glass evenly on one edge, and there will be a lot of empty space on the other.

Attach the glass to the device housing, if the accessory manufacturer has provided for such an option

put a protective glass on a smartphone

Some manufacturers put additional stickers on the side of the tempered glass that sticks to the smartphone’s housing. As a result, the once fitted glass remains in the right place and further assembly of the accessory is easier. 

After the entire procedure, the additional stickers must of course be removed. If the glass you have selected has these stickers, use them and attach the glass to the case with them . If your glass manufacturer did not provide for such an option, proceed further. Correct installation of the glass without additional stickers is also possible.

Wipe the screen thoroughly with two cloths

There should be no dirt or pollen on the smartphone screen. Thoroughly wipe the entire front panel several times, first with a wet cloth, then with a dry one. The manufacturer of the tempered glass should attach them to the set. 

Make sure the display is perfectly clean and dry when looking from different angles . If you have any doubts about anything, you can wipe the screen again. A few minutes devoted to this activity is not a waste of time – you will eventually use the phone with the glass properly installed for several months or even years.

Start sticking the glass

How to put a protective glass

Sticking glass is usually best to start from the top edge of the smartphone. Reason? This is where, in most models, there are elements to which the accessory must be perfectly matched (e.g. the front camera). As for the assembly itself, we have basically two options. 

The first, recommended by many manufacturers, is to slowly peel off the protective film from under the glass and stick the accessory piece by piece . 

The second option, which you can use especially with very stiff glasses, is to completely remove the backing and then gently position the glass on the display.. Then hold the accessory by the side edges. When the glass is just above the smartphone panel, gently lower its upper part onto the screen, and then place the entire glass, making sure that we do not stick the accessory crookedly.

Get the air bubbles out

protective glass on a smartphone

Wait for a while, then make sure that the glass is in good condition. You can put your fingers on the glass and drag them from top to bottom. If you’ve done the above steps very carefully and are lucky enough, there is a possibility that no air bubbles will remain under the glass. 

But what if it is different? Place a rolled-up piece of cloth against the screen and try to force the bubbles, especially the larger ones, past the edge of the glass . It shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Finally, remove the last foil covering the toughened glass from the front, if of course it was used by the manufacturer.

Something went wrong? Don’t peel off the glass, just wait

The glass is stuck flush, but there are tiny air bubbles underneath that you haven’t been able to remove? Or maybe there was a very small speck of water under the screen from a wet cloth that you did not have time to wipe? Instead of panicking and ordering new glass, wait . 

It is very possible that after a few hours of these imperfections there will be no trace.
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How to put a protective glass on a smartphone – summary

As you can see, mounting tempered glass on a smartphone screen is not very difficult, as long as you prepare well for this activity. Most of the advice in this guide is universal, but a lot also depends on the type of glass and the individual characteristics of a given product, so we do not present the only correct method of sticking this accessory . In addition to our advice, see also the materials provided by your glass manufacturer and choose the best possible installation method.

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