Onyx Boox Nova Air C review – like a Kindle, but in color and on steroids

Onyx is one of the first manufacturers to install e-ink color screens. And with the Boox Nova Air C model, the company could become one of the most important players on the market of digital color readers. You can upload any text e-book, magazine or comic here, and the tablet can handle it. Moreover, the competition is not able to offer similar equipment, such as a color screen or a stylus. However, is there any “but” …?

OnePlus Pad 5G – arrives the flagship tablet killer? 

OnePlus has been known for years as this company from cheap but hellishly good flagship smartphones. Over time, however, and these began to become more and more expensive, so actually it is just one of the many manufacturers of flagship devices, although still affordable compared to the competition. However, rumors report that the manufacturer is now going to enter another market: tablets. A device called OnePlus Pad 5G is to help him in this