It won’t be The Witcher 4 – what do we already know about the new CD Projekt RED game?

The Witcher 4

The Witcher 4 is a phrase that has been warming up the Internet since yesterday afternoon. There is nothing strange about it, because the next game from CD Projekt RED is eagerly awaited by fans all over the world. The problem, however, is that it won’t be “The Witcher 4”, although fans would like it. 

CD Projekt RED is taking on a completely new chapter of the series , although it is possible that we will meet heroes from previous editions of the production. What do we already know about the new “baby” from the producer of “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt“?

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The Witcher 4 is not rising – it will be a new series of games

The Witcher 4 - it will be a new series of games

You have to start with one and probably the most important issue, which is that “The Witcher 4” does not arise. Of course , in our yesterday’s text on the announcement of the new CD Projekt RED game, we used this statement, but it is not entirely true. Yes, there is a new game in the Witcher universe, but it should not be called its “four” . 

It is supposed to be a completely new opening, a new series and, most likely, new heroes as well. Of course, journalists, but also some fans, will continue to call the new CD Projekt RED production “The Witcher 4” and there is nothing strange in it. 

The company has not yet given an official name, so until then you can only use guesswork and this type of extension. Is it correct? No, but here it is hard to expect fans to refer to the announced production in a different way than just “The Witcher 4”.

At the same time, the topic was strongly emphasized by Radek Adam Grabowski , the Global PR Director at CD Projekt RED. He posted an entry on Twitter, where, in addition to the name, he also emphasized one more thing. 

Nobody is talking about the fact that the new game from the Witcher series will be available exclusively on the Epic Games Store. Such rumors appeared after yesterday’s information, and in addition, CD Projekt RED concluded a contract with Epic Games, so it is not surprising that this type of news began to circulate on the network. You can see what CD Projekt exactly wrote below.

We are happy to announce that work is underway on the next installment of the Witcher video game series, which will start a new saga of this series. This is an exciting moment as we are transitioning from REDengine to Unreal Engine 5, embarking on a multi-year strategic partnership with Epic Games. It covers not only the license, but also the technical development of the Unreal Engine 5, as well as possible future versions of the Unreal Engine, if needed. We will be working closely with the developers at Epic Games with our primary focus being to help adapt the engine for open world games. At the moment, no other details about the game are available, such as the development timeframe or the release date. REDengine, the technology that powers Cyberpunk 2077, is still used in the development of the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 expansion.

Announcement from CD Projekt RED

The new engine means new possibilities

We won’t know anything about the plot of the new game from the Witcher series for a long time. You can guess whether the medallion seen in the official graphics is Ciri’s item, or maybe just a clever marketing play.

Probably in the coming months we will have many more opportunities to speculate about the plot of the new game, but CD Projekt RED keeps its secrets fairly well (not counting the memorable data leak). 

We know, however, that a new game from the Witcher universe is to be the beginning of a new saga, so we are probably talking about more than just one production. Much may depend on the success of the new game, but we are confident about that. 

This is a completely different situation than in the case of “Cyberpunk 2077”, which, despite huge problems, sold very well. The new saga will surely attract millions of players. After all, “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” continues to sell well, and we are talking about a game that premiered almost 7 years ago (May 2015).

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Apart from the fact that CD Projekt RED has already started work on a new game from the beloved universe, the news about the transition to a new graphics engine may be more important. 

It gives the developer much more possibilities, or at least it should make the work much easier. Switch to a ready engine, and in this case, Unreal Engine, should give the company a lot of “breath”. 

In this way, you will use ready-made solutions, and you will be able to redirect your forces to other things. Of course, the work on the game can be different, and the new engine may cause some problems at the beginning, but it seems that the developers will simply have an easier time. 

Especially when it comes to optimizing for other devices. So support from Epic Games may turn out to be crucial. This is a technological change that will be much more important than whether the title can be called “The Witcher 4” or not. Of course, we still have a lot of time before we see the first effects and we shouldn’t “fire” for them yet.

Remember – no pre-orders!

The Witcher 4 - no pre-orders

I think we all remember what ended the hype on “Cyberpunk 2077”. It was announced that it will be another “messiah game”, that is, completely changing what the players know. Ultimately, the expectations were not met, and the title itself suffered from it, which was quite pleasant to play. 

However, fans expected something … more from CD Projekt RED. At the same time, building high expectations, which was also helped by large-scale marketing. So it’s better to cool down your enthusiasm and wait calmly for what the future holds. We’ll wait at least a year or two before a new game in the Witcher series comes out.

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It has been said for a long time that CD Projekt RED was working on another game. However, there is no need to count that after yesterday’s announcement, a production trailer will suddenly be made available or a pre-sale will start. 

The company’s shares surged slightly in the stock market today, but this normalized quickly. The gaming community also seems to be much more careful about the new game than before. So it’s good to wait calmly for the first facts, and preferably for the premiere itself, because pre-orders do not bring anything good.

Source: Twitter / CD Projekt RED

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