Netflix opt-out. How to cancel a subscription in 2022?

how to cancel a subscription netflix

The recent premiere of HBO Max , the great Amazon Prime Video offer still in force and the announcement of the Disney platform – the market of VOD services has become very competitive. Do you want to check what your rivals have to offer and you do not intend to pay for a service that you will not use in the near future? Opting out of Netflix is ​​a surprisingly simple procedure. We explain in a few steps how to unsubscribe from the website.

Temporary or permanent parting? We don’t have to delete the account in order not to pay

how to cancel a subscription netflix

It is worth considering whether you want to completely delete the account or just cancel the subscription . In the first case, we will lose the created profiles, the list of favorite titles and all settings and entered data. This also applies to the image of our tastes and film preferences , which is painstakingly built by the application, and therefore the mechanism of prompting and suggesting what else we can see. In the future , the algorithm will have to learn anew from us before it becomes a useful tool.

Opting out of the service doesn’t require deleting your account and opting out of everything we mentioned above. All you need to do is cancel the subscription and our account will no longer be charged with further subscription fees. If we want to return to the group of website users within the next 10 months, everything will be waiting for us unchanged . After this period of time, the website will delete the data without our participation. Account deletion is also possible on request, but the service requires direct contact from our side (contact with customer service by phone or chat on the website).

how to cancel a subscription netflix Web Browser

Netflix opt-out via your web browser

After going to the Netflix website, log in to the account using the button in the upper right corner. We will immediately see the profile selection screen, and in the next step we will be redirected to the main page. We need to find the icon of your profile in the upper right corner of the screen once again, and after clicking on it, select the Account tab :

  1. Alternatively, you can access the Account panel by clicking on the link: Account settings – Netflix
  2. Now we are left to click on the Cancel Membership button.
  3. At the very end, we will be asked to confirm the decision. Following this step will end our subscription at the end of the current billing period. Optionally, we can take part in a survey at this point, which will ask us about the reason for the resignation .

How do I cancel a subscription using my phone?

The process is almost the same when using a smartphone. We open the application and after selecting the profile, click its icon in the upper right corner:

  1. Then select Account , third position from the bottom.
  2. The Cancel membership button is not immediately visible and is located under the details of our payment method.
  3. After clicking, we will be asked to confirm the cancellation of the subscription. Clicking the Confirm cancellation button will end the use of the service at the end of the current billing period.

2022 a real spectator year

The competitiveness of VOD platforms is constantly increasing. Although we do not yet have the statistics for the recent debut of HBO Max , the arms race has already been shown in the last quarter of last year . Data from JustWatch (a portal that collects data from streaming services) shows that although Netflix is ​​still the most popular platform with access to movies and series (36% market share), the other big players do not waste time.

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HBO came in second with a share of 21%. The premiere of the Max service aroused a lot of emotions and has great potential for further development and expansion. The third place on the podium belongs to Prime Video (15%), the best-priced platform for a long time. Amazon consistently tames users to use the entire ecosystem of its services.

JustWatch Streaming Charts 2022

As if that were not enough, Disney + also appears on the horizon . The service’s debut is expected this year and then it will get really hot . Just take a look at the brands that belong to an American corporation, including Pixar , Marvel , National Geographic or Star Wars . Of course, we – customers and viewers who choose the best offer at the moment, will benefit from such a fierce battle between the tycoons.

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