Call of Duty: Warzone on mobile devices

Warzone officially goes to mobile!

Activision, the publisher of the Call of Duty series , announced that the popular Warzone will appear on the new platform. This is, of course, about mobile devices. Interestingly, the new game is to differ from its predecessor from consoles and personal computers.

Call of Duty: Warzone on mobile devices

We found out about the new release of the game through the official Activision Twitter account . The publisher announced there that he was still looking for a group of employees who could be hired for work on Call of Duty: Warzone for mobile devices . 

Warzone officially goes to mobile

It will be the second game in the popular series, programmed with smartphones in mind. Earlier (in 2019) we witnessed the launch of Call of Duty: Mobile .

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We will have to wait a while for the debut of the mobile version of Warzone , because Activision has still not announced the premiere date of the new game release. 

It should also be noted that the producers of the Call of Duty series have provided their fans with a lot of attractions in recent weeks and months . 

First, we learned that there will be a continuation of the first Warzone for consoles and personal computers, and now there is also the fact of releasing a new port of the game.

In a Warzone mobile production announcement, Activision announces that the team wants to create a “new AAA mobile experience . ” In short, it may mean that compared to the original Battle Royal for personal computers and consoles, the mobile version will bring many novelties. 

At the moment, the publisher is looking for programmers, artists and special producers. However, such studios as Solid State Studios, Beenox, Digital Legends and Demonware are already working on the title

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