Keanu Reeves as Batman? The actor dreams of such a role

Keanu Reeves as Batman

Let’s be clear – Keanu Reeves is currently one of the film industry’s most beloved actors. The 57-year-old has a lot of iconic roles in his artistic achievements, but he still lacks a certain entry in him. This is the incarnation of Batman!

Keanu Reeves will soon become Batman… but only with a voice

Keanu Reeves will soon be Batman ... but only with a voice

When we throw the slogan “Keanu Reeves” into the air, the first associations will be quite obvious. Matrix, Cyberpunk, Constantine and of course John Wick. We know the Beirut-born actor best from the appearances in these productions. Nonetheless, Reeves’ resume has plenty of other noteworthy roles (more on that later, though). The latest film that the 57-year-old has taken part in is the DC Super-Pets League .

In an animation created by the eponymous publisher DC Comics, Keanu Reeves lent his voice to Batman. Despite the fact that it is quite an episodic role, the actor admitted that he had a good time playing the Batman. In the original soundtrack of the film, apart from the 57-year-old, we will also hear Dwayne Johnson, Chris Rock or John Krasinski.

The premiere of the DC Super-Pets League is scheduled for July 29. The animation is directed by Jared Stern , who has previously worked on films such as LEGO Batman: The Movie , Interns and The Neighborhood Watch . Taking into account Stern’s experience in animation management and the comedy genre, we can expect that DC Liga Super-Pets will be a production aimed at both the youngest and the oldest fans of superhero movies.

The Superpies Krypto and Superman are inseparable friends with the same superpowers. Hand in hand, they fight crime in Metropolis. Superman, along with the rest of the Justice League, is however abducted. Krypto must convince a hastily assembled group of animals from the shelter – Ace Bat the dog, PB the sloppy pig, Merton the turtle and Chip’s squirrel – to control their own newly discovered powers and help save the superheroes.

Is a performance in the DC Super-Pets League an introduction to something bigger?

Is a performance in the DC Super-Pets League an introduction to something bigger?

Due to the fact that the premiere of the DC Super-Pets League is fast approaching us, the cast and the filmmakers give numerous interviews. Of course , Keanu Reeves, who was asked about his performance as Batman, was also eager to talk to the media. As it turns out, the 57-year-old has always dreamed of playing the Batman!

I love Batman! I love him in comics and movies, so it was amazing for me to be able to play as him. It has always been my dream. Now it’s played by Robert Pattinson, and he’s doing it great. Maybe someday someone will need an older Batman!

Keanu Reeves on a potential performance as Knight of Gotham

It’s hard to hide that the possibility of Keanu Reeves playing Batman seems very intriguing. The biggest problem, however, is the actor’s age. This year he will turn 58, which means that he would be best in the role, as he himself said “older Batman”. It is also worth noting at this point that if Reeves were to play the Knight of Gotham now, he would not be the oldest actor playing this character.

Soon, at the age of 70 (!), The Batman costume will be re-worn by Michael Keaton. The American has so far played the Batman twice – in 1989 ( Batman ) and 1992 ( Batman Returns ). After more than thirty years of hiatus, the 70-year-old will return to his role as part of The Flash , which will premiere in June next year.

Keanu Reeves – a character that almost everyone loves

Keanu Reeves - a character that almost everyone loves

Using the subject of this article and the character that is its leitmotif, it is a pity not to devote a few words to the career of Keanu Reeves. From my own perspective, this is an actor who for some time was associated only with the character of Neo from the Matrix . However, as my knowledge of the film industry grew, I also got to know Reeves from a different angle.

The artistic output of the 57-year-old actor is so impressive that it is difficult to point to one climax in it. Back in the 1980s, Reeves starred in such productions as Dangerous Liaisons , Take it easy, Daddy or In a river bend . The then 20-year-old made himself known to Hollywood as an actor who is not afraid of taking challenges, starring in over ten films.

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The 90s saw an unquestionable increase in popularity and importance in the film community. Engagements in Dracula, Speed, Walk in the Clouds and of course The Matrix made Keanu Reeves an international star. Among the many great productions from that period, the Devil’s Advocate deserves the greatest mention , in which the Beirut-born actor created a unique screen duo with Al Pacino himself.

Recent years in the context of Keanu Reeves’ career include numerous continuations of The Matrix , the John Wick series and Constantine . Currently, the actor plans to create the fourth installment of the John Wick series and (possibly) star in the role of the retiring Batman! A lot of fans of both Batman and Reeves himself would go to the cinema for such a film.

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