Nothing Phone 1 confirmed – challenging whole industry and targeting Apple.

Nothing Phone 1 confirmed

Rumors about the Nothing phone (1) have been circulating on the Internet since Carl Pei left OnePlus and started his own company. While his new headphones were a product that all fans of the market paid attention to, everyone was waiting for one thing: Nothing phone (1). And while the first quite clear suggestions appeared a few weeks ago, only now we are dealing with the official announcement of this device. It is set to debut this summer.

Nothing phone (1) confirmed

So far, little is known about the device itself. However, it was clear from the press release that this smartphone would be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon system. This, however, is no secret since the tweets were exchanged between the company and Qualcomm . 

It is also known that he is to work on an original variation on Android called Nothing OSBy the way, we also learned that the unusual design known from the headphones will also be used in the upcoming smartphone. So in this respect it will be a new quality in the world of identical discs. 

However, this is not the end of the news. The company decided to start with a community fundraiser. Its goal is $ 10 million. This is another initiative of this type since the last fundraiser, during which USD 1.5 million was raised in 54 seconds. But why is it worth depositing money, apart from gaining priority in picking up the smartphone? As you can read in the release:

Nothing investors have access to opportunities unavailable to other consumers, including access to internal information about the company or unique offers. Access to pre-registration is now open and the specific conditions investment round will begin on April 5th.

Raising $ 144 million during investment rounds, building a team of more than 300 people, and partnering with companies such as Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., shows that we are ready to include the phone (1) as a product that will initiate a change in a slightly frozen category smartphones. We are also launching another $ 10 million round of crowdfunding so that people who believe in us can join us in competing with the best in the industry.

Carl Pei said

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