[Review] Baseus Departure Vehicle Fan – What can a cheap car fan do?

Traveling by car on hot days can be really tiring, but there are gadgets to eliminate this problem. Baseus Departure Vehicle Fan is a car fan presented by the manufacturer as an alternative to air conditioning. We decided to check how much truth there is in this and test this device.

Baseus Departure Vehicle Fan – are such devices needed?

Baseus Departure Vehicle Fan

Although the vast majority of modern cars are equipped with air conditioning, there are still situations in which it cannot be used. First, for seniors, children and people prone to colds, a wave of cold air can be harmful. 

Secondly , sometimes the air conditioning system breaks down and while waiting for the service visit, we have to deal with it somehow. 

Thirdly, it still happens that when buying a used car, we come across a copy without air conditioning, especially if we are looking for a car with a certain history, bought in a showroom. 

The advantage of such copies is a much lower risk of buying a post-accident coffin on wheels – a disadvantage, however, is often very poor equipment, including the lack of air conditioning.

Kit contents and fan structure

Baseus Departure Vehicle Fan is packed in a small cardboard box . Inside, apart from the fan itself, you will find only a few stickers, a user manual and a warranty card in two languages: Chinese and English.

The fan itself was of course made of plastic. The material doesn’t feel particularly solid, but it doesn’t look like it is about to fall apart. On the front of the device we have a fan hidden behind a cover with the manufacturer’s logo. It is a pity that the cover is not removable as in the Baseus Ocean Fan model – it would make cleaning the fan easier.

On the back there is a movable holder with which you can attach the device to the air vents in the car. A cable with a USB tip is permanently attached to the fan – we definitely do not have to worry about its length. 

An integral part of the cable is a remote control with a button used to regulate the speed of the fan , turn it on and off. The button is a bit weakly attached – shaking the remote control can hear how it flies. In addition, the size of the remote control could easily put two buttons on it.

Technical specification and price of the fan

Baseus Departure Vehicle Fan Review

The Baseus Departure Vehicle Fan specification is not complicated and looks like this:

  • Material: ABS + PP
  • Size: 106 × 106 × 110 mm
  • Weight: 133 g
  • Cable length: 1.2 m
  • Voltage: DC-5V
  • Current: 1 A.
  • Power: 5 W
  • Rated power: 4.5W ± 0.5W
  • Charging interface: USB
  • Number of speed modes: 3
  • Number of blades: 7

The reviewed fan costs USD $16.69 ( Rs. 1,310 ) in the manufacturer’s store , although you can also find better offers. It is worth mentioning that Baseus also offers other car fans, mounted on the headrest of the seat.

Impressions of use

Installation and connection of the fan are easy. The device can be mounted on the air outlet vents . The power cable has a USB end that you just need to connect to the car charger. The car charger is connected to the cigarette lighter socket in the car.

The fan adjustment is severely limited. We can tilt the device sideways, up and down, but it will not always stay exactly in the position we choose . We will not point the fan directly at ourselves or the passenger when it is mounted on the central air vents (the grilles will block it), nor do we position the fan so that it rotates sideways by itself. It’s hard not to get the impression that the manufacturer’s claims about 360-degree rotation are exaggerated.

Like a man knew, but … that is, the operation of Baseus Departure Vehicle Fan in practice

Baseus Departure Vehicle Fan Review

The most important, however, is the very effect of the fan’s operation in hot weather. On warmer days, the difference between the driving experience without the Baseus Departure Vehicle Fan turned on and the fan running, at least at the highest settings, is noticeable. The blast of air is felt by both the driver and passenger, and the journey is a bit easier to bear . As long as we set the maximum speed of the fan.

However, the situation changes on really hot days. When it is over 30 degrees outside, the fan often not only does not improve the situation, but also… makes it worse . What a miracle? Well, there is very hot air in the vehicle, and the fan makes it fly straight towards us. It is definitely not pleasant and we will get a better effect by just opening the glass.

The actions of the Baseus Departure Vehicle Fan have nothing to do with the effects that car air conditioning provides. Certain limitations simply cannot be jumped over. Air conditioning actually significantly lowers the temperature in the car, and the effects of its work are also felt after the system is turned off. The fan only mixes the air that was already in the car . Sometimes it gives a temporary relief that disappears exactly the moment we turn the device off.

The advantage of the reviewed equipment is that it works really quietly and has small dimensions.

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Summary of Baseus Departure Vehicle Fan Review

Baseus Departure Vehicle Fan Review

The reviewed fan is small in size and has a decent workmanship, although it leaves something to be desired. It works quietly and offers a little relief on warmer days for a small price. However, the device will definitely not compensate for the lack of air conditioning and, paradoxically, during the greatest heat waves it disturbs more than helps . It cannot be denied that it is one thing for the fan to mix the hot air inside the car, and another for the actual lowering of the temperature in the vehicle through a special system, and even the best descriptions from the fan manufacturer’s website will not change it.

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