Samsung The Freestyle review – Compact DLP projector for multimedia anywhere

Samsung The Freestyle review: a compact DLP projector

Samsung The Freestyle is the 2022 mobile projector you can take with you. The device is equipped with many useful features that allow you to turn any flat surface into a screen on which you can watch your favorite movie or video.

The Freestyle is a portable multimedia projector to which we can connect both an external image source, such as a computer or smartphone, and use the Smart TV function. However, the capabilities of the equipment do not end there.

Samsung The Freestyle review: a compact DLP projector

The tested device can easily be turned into a colored lamp thanks to the Ambient mode and the translucent cover that diffuses the light. Freestyle is also convenient to use as a speaker that will play music, for example, from Spotify, displaying a color image corresponding to the track on the wall or ceiling.

And how the gadget works in everyday use, you will learn from the review, which I invite you to read and comment on.

Summary of Samsung The Freestyle review

The Freestyle by Samsung is a portable LED projector with built-in sound system and intelligent platform. It's small and sets up in minutes.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Attractive design
  • Small size and weight
  • Connectivity Wi-Fi 5 GHz and Bluetooth 5.2
  • Simple, functional interface
  • Good picture and sound quality
  • Ability to integrate with smart home
  • Convenient control via remote control or app


  • High price
  • Image could be brighter and 4K
  • Auto focus doesn’t always work
  • Limited control without remote or app
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Specifications Samsung The Freestyle

Projector typeDLP
Brightness550 LED lumens
PermissionFullHD, 1920×1080 pixels
Projection ratio1.2
Screen size30 to 100 inches, throw distance for 100″ is 2654 mm
Light sourceLED, life up to 20,000 hours, auto keystone
VideoCrystal Engine, HDR10, HLG, 100,000:1 contrast ratio, accurate and vivid, contrast boost, video mode
Smart TVTizen system, web browser, SmartThings app
Intelligent featuresMirroring, DLNA, Touch&Send, Remote Access, Easy Setup, App Casting, Bluetooth LE, WiFi Direct, Audio Dubbing
Sound30 dB, 5 W (RMS), 360° speakers, Dolby Digital Plus, Sound Adaptation, multi-room compatible, Bluetooth Audio
Additional functionsDigital Clear View, subtitle support, OSD in 27 European languages, built-in Bluetooth HID, IPv6 support
Communication and connectionMicroHDMI (HDMI ARC, eARC, HDMI-CEC), Wi-Fi 5, Bluetooth 5.2
Power supplyAC adapter 100-240V 50/60Hz, USB-C connection, power bank capable, maximum power consumption 50W, standby 0.5W, auto power off
materialsWhite plastic housing
Dimensions and weight104.2×172.8×95.2 mm, weight: 0.8 kg
PriceFrom ₹89,990 rupees
Samsung The Freestyle review - a compact DLP projector

Unpacking and kit

Samsung The Freestyle comes with:

  • USB-C cable
  • Adapter 65 W (20 V, 3.25 A)
  • USB cable holder
  • Remote control
  • Translucent lens cap
  • Multilingual User Manual
Samsung The Freestyle review - compact DLP projector

Design and ergonomics

Samsung The Freestyle portable projector is shaped like a cylinder with a diameter of almost 10 cm and a height of about 14 cm, not counting the stand and the lens cover.

Samsung The Freestyle review - compact DLP projector

The Freestyle design allows you to install the device at almost any angle. You can easily direct the image to the wall, ceiling or any other surface.

Samsung Freestyle is quite compact and lightweight, it is convenient to move it from place to place, as well as take it with you on the road.
Samsung The Freestyle review - compact DLP projector

There is a lens on the top side of the projector as well as four touch buttons used for control (power, volume, mobile device). As well as distance sensors and remote sensor/LED indicator.

Samsung The Freestyle review - compact DLP projector

Ventilation openings and attachment points to the base are located on the side of the case. There are HDMI and USB-C connectors, a physical microphone switch. The manufacturer also placed a speaker at the bottom of the projector. When Freestyle is oriented vertically, the sound is evenly distributed throughout the device.

Samsung The Freestyle review - compact DLP projector

Installing and setting up the projector

To start using Samsung The Freestyle, just plug it in and turn it on.

Samsung The Freestyle review - compact DLP projector

Next, the device will ask you to perform the initial setup, which can be done using the SmartThings app on your smartphone (I chose this method) or using the remote control included in the kit. The entire setup process is complete with step-by-step instructions so everyone should be able to handle it.

When we finish the initial setup, we will see the Smart TV desktop, known from the new Samsung TVs. This provides quick access to the projector’s built-in applications and features. If you are missing something, you can find additional applications in the store and install them.

Samsung The Freestyle review - compact DLP projector
One of the initial steps in setting up is connecting the projector to a Wi-Fi network, which makes the Internet the main source of content consumption.

The source for the Samsung projector can also be an external device connected with a micro HDMI cable or wirelessly. In this way, it is easy to display, for example, a photo from a smartphone with the SmartThings application installed.

Samsung The Freestyle review - compact DLP projector

Among other things, it is possible to remotely control the projector, for example, with a remote control, select an image or sound source from connected devices, applications installed in the projector’s memory, and control the Ambient Mode function.

Using the projector

Samsung The Freestyle is primarily a multimedia projector designed to project an image onto a flat surface.

The design allows you to display an image up to 100 inches in size on almost any flat surface – a wall (including an inclined one), a ceiling or a floor. Importantly, The Freestyle has a wide range of options for adjusting the projection geometry.

It is enough to set the projector in the right direction and wait a bit to see the screen of a rectangular shape and the correct sharpness.
Samsung The Freestyle review - compact DLP projector

However, there are situations in which automation can not cope. Then you have to manually eliminate keystone distortion or set the optimal sharpness. You can reduce the picture up to 50%, and even move it. The latter is possible only in the visible area of ​​the image at 100% magnification.

Samsung The Freestyle review - compact DLP projector

It is worth adding that the on-screen menu (there is a language settings ) has many options related to setting up the picture, sound, connections and energy saving. Everything here is arranged so that it is easy for everyone to use.

Samsung The Freestyle review

The remote included with The Freestyle is a small device that does not intimidate with an excess of buttons. We only have the bare essentials, plus shortcuts for apps like a web browser, as well as VOD for Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video. The remote control is powered by a built-in battery, which is charged via the USB-C port.

The Samsung Freestyle can also double as a lamp, which comes in handy with Ambient mode and a translucent lens cap. Thanks to them, the light from the lens will immediately dissipate. The lamp power is not very high, so the solution is not very suitable to be a full-fledged light source in the room.

Samsung The Freestyle review - light source

Thus, we can use, for example, splash screens of the Spotify application, which change depending on the cover of the album from which the melody is played, what we are listening to.

Samsung The Freestyle review - spotify

Interaction with Smart Home

An important question for me is whether Samsung The Freestyle works with the Home Assistant-based smart home system I use.

Samsung The Freestyle review - smart home

I received a response very quickly – just connect the projector to your home Wi-Fi network for Home Assistant to notify you of the presence of a new device. The new integration allows you to create almost any scenario using the device under test.

Freestyle can be switched on remotely and, for example, simultaneously close the blinds during the daytime, or dim the lighting in the room. DLNA support means that the content source for the projector can be any other device on the same network with DLNA technology.

Sound quality

Samsung The Freestyle features a single 5W speaker that delivers 360˚ sound when placed vertically.

Samsung The Freestyle review - sound

So we get a good bass (however, you can forget about deep), but the rest of the tones will be slightly muffled. Better sound quality, but weaker bass results when the projector is tilted. The Freestyle sounds good considering its 5W power and small size.

The maximum volume, at a distance of 60 cm from the source, reached 94 dB, at very high tones. On average, the value did not exceed 90 dB.
Samsung The Freestyle review - speaker

At the same distance, about 60 cm from the projector, I measured the volume of the work, it was about 40 dB. But, this noise will not be heard at a greater distance and if there are other sounds, for example, from a movie being watched.

Image quality

A key aspect of any projector is the quality of the projected image.

In the case of the Samsung Freestyle, we’re dealing with hardware that does a pretty good job. If you correctly adjust the geometry and sharpness (automatically or manually), you can count on a beautiful, color-rich picture with high contrast.

Samsung The Freestyle review - high contrast
The image can also be adjusted to personal preferences in a fairly wide range. The corresponding options are available in the OSD menu.
Samsung The Freestyle review - portable projector

When evaluating quality, keep two things in mind:

  1. First, the relatively low resolution by today’s standards. Samsung’s small projector outputs images at a maximum resolution of 1080p. Of course, it can also process 4K files, however, they are projected onto the screen in FullHD.
  2. Secondly, the relatively low projection brightness. It is sufficient in a dark or shaded room, but in brightly lit rooms or outdoors during the day, viewing comfort will be low.
Samsung The Freestyle review

Power Supply Samsung The Freestyle

The Freestyle is powered by the included 65W AC adapter connected via the USB-C port.

Being far from the outlet, we can also power the device from an external battery. However, there are limitations here that even many good power banks do not meet – a power of at least 50 W and a voltage of 20 V.

Samsung The Freestyle review - portable projector
This is also due to the fact that Samsung plans to provide a special battery pack for a fee, which will increase the mobility of the Freestyle projector.
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Samsung The Freestyle is a small and unprepossessing multimedia device with quite a lot of features.

As befits a mobile projector, Freestyle is small and handy, and the built-in features are similar to those offered by the new TVs from the Korean manufacturer. First of all, the useful features of Smart TV.

The tested device can serve not only as a projector, but also as a stylish lamp or smart speaker. As for the main purpose, you should count on good picture quality with a few caveats. The built-in 5W speaker does a good job.

Samsung The Freestyle review - portable multimedia projector

From my point of view, The Freestyle’s interaction with the Home Assistant smart home system deserves a big plus. Thanks to her, the projector will become an integral part of a smart home.

Is it worth buying

Samsung Freestyle costs 89 thousand rupees. Given the capabilities of the device, and most importantly mobility, this is quite understandable, although expensive.

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