The most popular smartphone of 2021 – it is not the iPhone that is the leader

Over the years we have got used to the fact that the most popular smartphones when it comes to specific models are the iPhone. The math itself is behind it. After all, the manufacturer releases only a few smartphone models each year, although in many memory variants, and yet it is on the podium, fighting for second place with Xiaomi. Despite this, this year it is not the iPhone that is the leader in popularity, but the smartphone from Samsung.

Lost phone and don’t know what to do? Step by step guide

Smartphones today are connected to everything. We use electronic banking, Google Maps, we read e-mails and buy on e-commerce platforms such as Allegro. A lost phone means a lot of problems that primarily concern the security of our data and financial resources. If the apocalypse has already happened, read what you can do to find your device or at least protect yourself from the consequences.