An era is over – Android statues are disappearing from Mountain View

From the very beginning of Android, Google called subsequent versions of this system from sweetness. The next letters of the alphabet corresponded to the next significant changes in Robocik . However, everything has its end, so for several releases we have not received any sweets anymore, at least not officially. In this way, the Google campus in Mountain View has aged a bit, as it was used, among others, by as a place for Android statues in a sweet edition.

Android 13 DP2 – news that bring us … closer to computers

Google yesterday released the next development version of the most popular system in the world, i.e. Android 13 DP2 (Developer Preview 2). New features in this software are constantly being discovered, but we can already see today in which direction Americans are trying to develop the entire platform. First of all, Google has focused on larger screens and we are not limited to large smartphones at all.