Android 13 for smartphones? Yes, but Google may be up to something more

Android 13 DP2

A week ago, I informed you about the changes to Android 13 DP2 . Even then, it was clear that Google was focusing less and less on news related directly to smartphones. The company wants to attack larger and larger screens like computers. Now it’s safe to hypothesize that refreshing smart displays is also coming into play. 

Do you still remember devices from the Smart Display genre? Today their priority is clearly lower, but that does not mean that we are talking about their end. Looking at the changes in Android 13, you can even expect that this is a system partially prepared for this slowly forgotten market segment.

Android 13 not only for smartphones and tablets – changes suggest refreshing smart displays

Of course, the smart display market in India has practically never existed. For a while, a few companies tried their hand, but ultimately limited voice services in our country did not make it successful. Will that change with the arrival of Android 13? Not necessarily, but you can definitely expect a refreshment of smart displays in the world.

Well, today’s Google devices from the Nest family, which belong to the aforementioned market, are slowly rubbing the mouse – both in terms of hardware and software. 

This is the first point that shows that Americans may have focused on Android development in this direction. The next ones are the changes to the system itself. 

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We are talking here, among other things, about an extensive screen saver system, a similarly extended method of handling multiple users, a simplified multimedia sharing system, as well as connecting devices within one network. 

In addition, the system already supports physical switches for microphones and cameras, which is everything that is crucial for smart displays.

Of course, this does not have to mean that Android 13 will power more Nest Hub devicesThis may be just the beginning of Google’s preparations, which will be realized only in a year’s time. 

Nevertheless, it can be seen that the company is trying to introduce more and more changes to the system, which actually translate into the daily use of the software.

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