List of Samsung and LG TVs that support HBO Max – check which ones support the application

The list of Samsung and LG TVs that support the HBO Max application is quite extensive. This does not mean, however, that every TV set from these manufacturers will be suitable to be able to take advantage of the new VOD. Some time ago, many users saw on their TVs the information that HBO GO will no longer be supported. What does it look like with HBO Max? Unfortunately, but similar.

LG OLED48C1 Review – A great TV, but not perfect yet

LG has already become a legend in terms of its OLEDs . Especially the C series models, which are usually the most profitable option due to relatively small price differences with much better image quality than the lower series. The review of the LG OLED48C1 was a pleasure for me, but also a delicate breath of freshness, because I personally have a TV with QLED technology, which still holds its position despite the competition of a newer and more expensive competitor. 

LCD or OLED as a display – which matrix is ​​better?

The matrix in the TV set is a very important issue, because our living room screen will probably stay in front of us for several years. Today we think: LCD or OLED? As in many situations, each technology has its advantages and disadvantages. Not every one is perfect for every application, and they are all developed and with a few changes every year. This text should dispel many doubts and myths that still prevail among people looking for a TV set.

Best Computer monitors of 2021-2022 – TOP 10

Rating of monitors for a computer price-quality 2021-2022: TOP 10 best models Despite the external similarity, computer monitors can differ significantly from each other. Some are perfect for playing games, others for watching movies, and others for work and study. Here we have compiled a rating of monitors for a computer price – quality in […]