The finale of the 4th season of Stranger Things will hit us in the heart – another announcement of the creators

4th season of Stranger Things

A few days ago, the official teaser of the second part of the fourth season of Stranger Things appeared on the web . The final of the latest installment of the hit Netflix series will debut in a dozen or so days. Therefore, the creators of the series decided to heat up the emotions related to the premiere of the last two episodes of the season.

What awaits us in the finale of the 4th season of Stranger Things?

the finale of the 4th season of Stranger Things

Matt and Ross Duffer – the creators of the entire Stranger Things universe recently gave another interesting interview, in which we got to know behind the scenes information about the finale of the fourth season of the series. It is worth emphasizing at this point that the latest installment of the Netflix hit has been divided into two parts. The first seven episodes debuted on May 27. The two final episodes will appear on the world’s largest streaming service on July 1.

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As the Duffer brothers were referring to the latest episodes of the series in their latest interview with TVLine , this article will feature some SPOILERS for the first part of the fourth season of Stranger Things . If you haven’t watched the seven premiere episodes yet, catch up with finishing. Okay, since only people who are keenly interested in the Stranger Things finale are left with us, we can go to the details.

Most of all , the Duffer brothers openly tease the show’s viewers about Steve Harrington. Recall that in the last episodes, the hero, played by Joe Keery, along with Robin, Nancy and Eddie, moved to the “other side”. Shortly after crossing the portal, Steve was attacked by bats that seriously injured him. In the following scenes, we could see that the wounds suffered by the nice character are really serious.

Interestingly, this is another treatment of this type used by the Duffer brothers. In almost every season of the series, Steve’s character is somehow “injured”. In one of the previous installments of Stranger Things , Harrington was severely beaten, and in another – for a change – beaten up and stuffed with psychotropics. The creators of the series referred to the whole “procedure”.

Every time, all viewers are worried about Steve. Love it! We always manage to somehow beat this character, and this time the task was done well by demonic bats.

Matt Duffer

I feel “excited” is a very bad word, but … I feel excited that people are concerned. In fact, this is how they should feel before the last two episodes of the fourth season show.

Ross Duffer

Do the creators of Stranger Things want to kill one of the main characters?

Stranger Things want to kill one of the main characters

Due to such announcements of the creators and the tendency to “beat” Steve at the end of May, many viewers of the series were wondering about the future of the characters. There were even voices on the Internet saying that Joe Keery could say goodbye to the cast of Stranger Things at the beginning of the new season. Unfortunately, the Duffer brothers did not reveal directly whether the rumors and fan theories were any real representation in the script of the series.

However, an interview for the new season of Stranger Things was also given by Shawn Levy , who is responsible for directing the third and fourth episodes. In addition, the Canadian has in the past acted behind the camera of six other episodes of the hit series (in the first, second and third seasons). The 53-year-old told The Hollywood Reporter :

There is no chance that we will give our fans something other than a satisfying new season finale. After the screening of the two newest episodes, I must say that they are as emotional as they are cinematic. This is a real feast for the eyes that will hit us straight in the heart. I won’t say any more!

Shawn Levy

Additional emotions in Stranger Things fans were aroused by the recently published teaser of the second part of the fourth season. In the video material, we see many important scenes for the plot. First of all, viewers can probably be calm about the fate of Nancy , who was “possessed” by Vecna ​​at the end of the seventh episode. The heroine played by Natalie Dyer appears in the teaser alongside the other characters who are on the “other side”.

In addition, an important element of the plot of the last two episodes will be the fight between the main antagonist of the season – Vecna ​​(number one) and Eleven. Let us remind you that the finale of the fourth installment of Stranger Things will debut in the Netflix library on July 1, i.e. in a dozen or so days. In total, the second part of the fourth season will consist of two episodes. Episode eight will last almost  an hour and a half , while the final ninth episode will last two hours and thirty minutes! It is worth noting that it will be by far the longest episode in the history of the entire series.

Source: TVLine & The Hollywood Reporter

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