8 Productivity Tips for iPhone Users to Explore More

iPhone Tips

So, you have purchased a multi-featured iPhone. You might be excited to explore its features and make the most of it. This article highlights some of the most helpful tips and tricks for iPhone users to be more productive.

Optimize Battery Life

To ensure constant work without any break due to low charging, it is essential to better optimize the battery. If you spend more of your time on your iPhone outside the workplace, it can be possible that your battery life will drain quickly. 

So, avoid this problem by customizing your phone setting. Put it on “Airplane Mode” at home or while you’re not using it. This will conserve power during this time as it will not search for service.  

Fix iPhone Overheating Issues

iPhone overheating occurs due to many reasons such as running too many apps, direct sunlight exposure, faulty battery, heavy streaming, and suboptimal settings, to name a few. But, the best part is that you can fix or prevent this issue on your own. You would not notice it, but your phone will soon run slowly or somehow reduce its longevity.

iPhones usually turn off before it gets dangerously hot. In case you feel that the device is hotter than usual, remove the phone case and let the air circulate through the vents. Visit https://setapp.com/how-to/fix-iphone-overheating to learn the tips to fix overheating issues in the iPhone. 

Utilize “Tips” App

Tips for iPhone Users

The iPhone has a very useful “Tips” app. It lets users get the necessary guidance on various things. You may use this app to get an idea of how to use dictation, ways to take screenshots, personalize Siri’s voice, and lots more. The best part is that you’ll get notified every time new tips arrive.

For this, go to Settings and click Notifications. Turn on Allow Notifications by clicking Tips below Notification Style. Here, you can change the notification setting by selecting various options. For example, when tip notifications should appear, style, or location.

Create Custom Alerts

Do you know that you can create custom alerts for different people in your iPhone contact list? This is the most advantageous feature that helps determine who is calling or texting you without looking at your device. Remember that you would not use this feature while using any music service.

For creating custom alerts, go into your Contacts, tap the contact, edit, and then choose the custom ringtone or text tone you want to set. The alert may be chosen from your phone’s built-in ringtones or text tones.

Download Safari Extensions

Safari is an ideal browsing option available on an iPhone. This browser allows users to search for a particular word or phrase on the screen. To search for anything, simply type that in the address bar.

Now, Apple has included Safari extensions for additional functionality and cross-app support. It allows a range of features and functionality while using Safari. While doing so, you don’t need to flip back and forth between iOS apps while attempting to complete work.


Ensure your iPhone safety by adding a VPN. It helps in unblocking sites, online banking security, anonymous browsing, and more. There are various types of free iOS VPNs, but before adding them, check their compatibility with your device.

Also, make sure there are any tools downloaded for your device and confirm its safety extent. Make sure to avoid using a free WiFi network at public places such as cafés or airports. Your device becomes susceptible to online security threats.

Control Center Customization

Tips for iPhone Users

This is a handy quick-access area on iPhone using which you can perform various common actions just with a tap. To access this option, swipe down from the device’s top-right corner using FaceID. You may also swipe up from the bottom of your device screen using Touch ID.

Apple’s flashlight functionality is highly preferred for Control Center customization. Other actions you may customize include screen brightness adjustment, controlling media, or switching the Wi-Fi network.

Set Priority for Gaming App  

Setting the priority of all apps, particularly gaming apps, is crucial. The reason is that every time you download any application, the iPhone will consider it a high priority by default. Running multiple apps in the background consumes much space. 

So, it is beneficial to set the apps’ priority. It helps in ensuring that it will not affect your work by giving push notifications (new messages or mail). Moreover, learn some tips for using the keyboard as a trackpad as it will give you better control over gaming.  

The Conclusion

An iPhone is a precious and highly demanded phone packed with plenty of unique features. If you want to take full advantage of it, start practicing these tips, and it will not be too long before you master the device.

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