What distracts online meeting participants? Check that you are not making these mistakes

What distracts online meeting participants

The online meeting platform conducted a study that allowed to check what distracts participants in online meetings. It is worth knowing what answers were given by the respondents so as not to unconsciously distract others during the videoconference.

What distracts online meeting participants?

What distracts online meeting participants

When preparing for a videoconference, consider what can be distracting and eliminate these elements. According to a survey conducted in June 2022, 63% of respondents found whispers and other background noises distracting . The next place was taken by the microphones in people who did not participate in the conversation (53%). 31% of respondents are distracted by situations in which the person conducting the meeting does not have the materials they intend to use.

Less distracting factors were turned off cameras in the majority of participants (this answer was indicated by 25% of respondents), situations in which the presenter does not look at the camera (22%), inappropriate background of the presenter (20%) and the attendant’s clothing (12%). Online events and meetings have become a permanent part of our reality. No wonder that the participants of such meetings over time began to look for rules that would define the online etiquette. Our last report perfectly shows what bothers the respondents, what distracts them and what they expect from the lecturers.

Also asked survey participants how they react in unexpected, crisis situations . The most common answer (70%) is smiling and sorry . 7% of the respondents get up without saying a word and go to solve the problem, and 6% pretend that nothing is happening and that they do not react. 17% of respondents say that they have never experienced an unexpected, crisis situation during an online meeting.

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An important aspect during remote meetings is informing participants about the intention to record the event. Some people forget about it, and as many as 96% of respondents expect that they will receive such information . Anna Zielińska, legal advisor, points out that thanks to the information about the recording, the participant will be able to consciously decide whether he wants to share his image, and the tutor will avoid legal misunderstandings.

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