YouTube ReVanced – the resurrection I needed!

YouTube ReVanced - the resurrection

Google’s intervention, which caused the YouTube Vanced app to disappear, was a bit of a shock to me. After all, Vanced was an application that improved YouTube itself, and despite minor changes, I used it much better than the dedicated application. V anced is gone, and I, along with thousands of other users of this app, had to move to a dedicated app or look for alternatives. It was a sad time for me. And suddenly, all in white it comes in – YouTube ReVanced, the resurrected application that I really needed!

I really don’t like YouTube Premium!

YouTube ReVanced vs YouTube Premium

Before you accuse me of theft and tons of other accusations, read on why I really dislike Premium. The main reason is my, maybe a bit strange and twisted understanding of monetization. I don’t want to see ads, but I know that the creators whose content I watch earn from it. YouTube Premium does the job in theory. However, theory and practice are often completely different. Google is primarily a corporation whose job is to make money. Premium costs almost 3 nozzles a month. I don’t think even 1/3 actually goes to the creator.

YouTube Premium does the job

Therefore, in order to be fair with myself and, above all, with the creators, I choose a different path. I use Vanced, and I support this handful of creators that I watch, either on patronite, through the option of supporting the creator on YouTube, or simply sending a donate on the broadcast. Depends on what feature is currently available for certain creators. For me, this is a form of some compensation that I do not watch commercials, nor do I pay for Premium. The kind of support that I am giving me is no better than paying the Premium subscription, but I don’t feel like I need it.

But remember that this is only my point of view. I just don’t need YT Premium. I do not watch YouTube either on the console or on the TV. Only computer and mobile devices. Remember that ReVanced benefits will only work in the area of ​​this application. YT Premium works globally.

I don’t like the official app itself either …

The dedicated application itself does not suit me very well. These are the details, but as we well know, the details make up the picture of the whole. In ReVanced, I appreciate, for example, the amoled, i.e. completely black, theme of the application. The dedicated application perceives the dark theme as an application in gray colors.

In ReVanced, I appreciate

ReVanced also has fewer elements by default, you only need to look at the bottom navigation bar and it works more lively . The official YouTube application takes longer to run, it works worse, and my phone, which is not weak (Snapdragon 870 is a cool and powerful chip!), Does not use the 120 Hz screen refresh mode in the official app. ReVanced has no problem with that. The app also allows you to undo Google’s stupid decisions. If you want the thumbs down indicator back in ReVanced you can do it!

I would like to point out that I am using a ready-made application build. I just wanted to see if it was worthy of a resurrection. The functions that you will have in your application depend only on you. You can check the list of available functions here:

Alternatives to Vanced? Are there any, anyway?

Many people praised how great NewPipe is. After Vanced left, I checked several alternatives and there is something wrong with each of them. The closest is NewPipe, but do you know what its biggest drawback is? You are not signed in to your Google Account. 

This means that your profile, viewing preferences and so on simply don’t exist here. This is quite a big problem, mainly considering that you watch only scientific films, for example, and NewPipe will always show you what is currently up-to-date. Most often it is terrible crap or content for children.

All the alternatives to Vanced, and now ReVanced

All the alternatives to Vanced, and now ReVanced, are bigger or smaller bugs that don’t even make sense to check out. I can honestly tell you that if it wasn’t for this revival, I would just buy YouTube Premium and the problem was gone. Of course, I would not give up the support of my favorite creators anyway, but I would have the feeling of spending money down the drain, because, as I said, I do not need it.

Installing ReVanced is not that complicated anymore, although it will not be without problems!

At the beginning of the road with the resurrection of Vanced, there were reports that the application works and will only work on rooted devices. This way makes sense. After all, Google has already intervened once, and quite successfully. However, it is not true that you need to root your device. I have installed ReVanced and MicroG services that are needed for the application to work without any problems on the device without root privileges.

Installing ReVanced is not that complicated anymore

ReVanced is an open project. Have a look at the GitHub developers who are continuing the great YT Vanced. You can get to it by clicking on the button below!

However, you can also choose a ready .apk file for download and installation. However, remember that such an application does not have to work on your device. Personally, I chose just such a solution and everything works fine for me. Importantly, from what I can see, and I checked several ready-made compilations – Installing a modified YouTube on MIUI-based devices does not require messing with the development settings and playing with the MIUI optimization setting . 

However, I remind you once again. The finished build may not work for you. A much better option is to compile your own build for yourself. This gives a much better chance for the correct operation of the application. I haven’t done it myself yet, but I’m still looking for free time to do it.

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