The best film series that have drastically lost in quality over time

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It is extremely difficult to create one good movie, let alone a few. It’s even harder to keep the entire series relatively level. Below I present the film series, the quality of which has decreased the most with the subsequent scenes.

Star Wars

Star Wars fans don’t have an easy life . In the 70s and 80s, George Lucas gave them the Holy Grail of pop culture in the form of the first trilogy everyone loved. The problem is that she has not been able to match her since then. The trilogy of prequels disappointed many, although after many years it is gaining more and more recognition among the generation raised on it. 

Although probably still most will admit that “Attack of the Clones” is an untenable position. But it is even worse with the sequel trilogy. While “The Force Awakens” was a successful, albeit secondary, science-fiction movie set in Star Wars, the next two parts kept the fans apart from each other. The Last Jedi still has the potential to be fully approved by the fandom someday, though the artistic choices in this movie are actually quite… weird. Whereas Skywalker. Rebirth ”is no longer acceptable. It’s just a terrible movie. Chaotic, monstrously written, full of nonsense and inconsistencies

Pirates of the Caribbean

Here is another classic example of a series that is being pulled a lot longer than it should be. Of course, it is partly to blame for the fans themselves, who, despite a significant drop in quality, still appear in theaters in large numbers. 

Anyway, after the excellent first two parts (“Dead Man’s Chest” I personally like more than “The Curse of the Black Pearl”), the material fatigue was already felt in the third part. The fourth part was alternately boring and bland, and the fifth was the qualitative end of the series – poor script, sloppy characters, non-engaging action, and Jack Sparrow himself ceased to resemble the “old” self and became his own caricature.


The first “Terminator” is, as we all know, a science-fiction classic. “Terminator 2” is almost an excellent version (personally, however, I prefer the first part a bit more), although in fact it’s a high-budget remake of the first one. And in fact, everything that followed “T2” might not be possible at all. The problem of this series is that its creators, for some reason, stick to the same plot pattern all the time., so each of the sequels (except “Terminator: Salvation”) is a remake of the remake of the first part. 

Bearing in mind that this series already has as many as six parts and almost each of them tells about the same, only worse, I wonder why anyone does it without having any interesting idea for the development of the plot? I can understand the need to shoot sequels for money, that’s what Hollywood is all about. But to shoot them completely without an idea, just repeating the plot pattern from the first part? Plus, virtually none of the parts of the Terminator after the second installment brought the label great profits, mostly each was a flop. Even the financial argument doesn’t stick together …

Marvel Cinematic Universe

This is the most recent example, even textbook, of a powerful regression of quality that we can observe almost in real time. The first three phases of the MCU progressed, with a few exceptions, almost continuously well. Each subsequent movie in the series was at least as successful as the previous one. And the whole bigger story that was supposed to bring all these films together was slowly but steadily unfolding before us. Until the brilliant finale. At least until its first part, “War Without Borders”. 

Everything from “Avengers: Endgame” (inclusive) to the present (“Thor: Love and Thunder”) is one big disappointment. The ongoing phase 4 is one big story mess. From each subsequent film, there is virtually nothing, except that threads related to the multiverse are discussed and we meet new characters (mainly female), and some of the heroes receive epilogues of their stories. Phase 4 is boring, much weaker than the previous ones (in terms of quality, it seems to be a B-class cinema for millions of dollars). Not one of the films in this MCU phase turned out to be a completely successful show of the three previous phases. Not one …


The gradual decline of this series hurts especially. “Alien – 8 Passenger Nostromo” is a masterpiece of science-fiction horror. Its sequel, in turn, is a perfect mixture of horror and action movies. “Alien 3” wasn’t that good anymore, but I’m still a fan of this installment. Everything started to fall apart from the horrible fourth part. Then came even worse and stupid spin-offs, or Alien vs. Predator. 

For a moment it seemed that the Alien was going in the right direction after the premiere of Prometheus, but the poor Alien: Alliance sealed the sad fate of the whole series. Maybe in the future Alien will return in a form that will restore its former strong brand, but at the moment, as a series, unfortunately, it is not high.


Jaws are a specific example in this list. This is because, in fact, for as many as four parts of the entire series, only one, the first, is an outstanding example of an entertainment thriller (which also went down in the history of cinema). All the rest are poor fakes of the original, which are better avoided. The decline in the form of each of the following films beats the eyes to such an extent that I am surprised to this day that someone did not decide in advance to stop tarnishing the reputation of the first “Jaws”.


The first high-budget comic book adaptation is a film that went down in the history of pop culture and Hollywood. It also became a deservedly great box office hit. The second part is at least as successful (and in Richard Donner’s directorial version, in my opinion, even better than the first). Unfortunately, this series later derailed. Some genius at the label said Part 3 should actually be… a comedy with Richard Pryor and Superman almost in the background. But still nothing beats how bad a movie Superman 4 turned out to be. In less than a decade, the series that started so brilliantly reached the day. How little is needed …


As with Superman, Batman had a sad fate after a very good start. Of course, time has shown that you can make Batman movies better than Tim Burton did, but the first two editions he directed are comic book classics. Everything started to go wrong with the third episode, “Batman Forever”. It wasn’t a terribly bad movie, but it’s also hardly a great first-class show. The problem occurred with part four, Batman and Robin. Invariably considered by many to be one of the worst films in the history of cinema, this installment finished films about the Batman for many years and for some time quenched Hollywood’s appetites for films about superheroes.


We all know that “The Matrix” is an outstanding work. Personally, I am also a fan of the second part. You know, it wasn’t as brilliant, interesting and groundbreaking, but it turned out to be a great and still ambitious entertainment cinema. The third part is a clear regression, but still, for me, within the limits of tolerance. 

However , the newest part, “The Matrix of Resurrection”, is a real oddity. This film does not have much in common with the original trilogy, it gives the impression of a strange epilogue, which is in fact an original commentary by the authors who, in turn, did not want to make it at all. It turned out to be artistic and arrogant gibberish dressed in anemic action scenes. The plot makes no sense at all, and the authors at some point do not seem to fully understand or remember what the world of “Matrix” is all about (it is enough to give an example of using the bullet time motif in this film).

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