Linux is changing, but when will it be really affordable?

Linux is changing - Update

Linux for many years has been making a system patch for those who “know each other.” It is now clear that Linux is becoming much more accessible – we have a variety of distributions to choose from for completely green users, but that isn’t it yet. It is a pity, this system as a free alternative to Windows is doing great, in many respects it is even much better than windows. 

Has Linux changed, but the low-accessibility stereotype is all too common? Personally, I think that changes to this OS are still a process. They are ongoing, but when will we see the actual availability of Linux? Unfortunately, we do not know that and as long as these changes are not serious, the patch will remain with Linux.

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Linux does a lot of things great!

Linux does a lot of things great in Update

I have to admit that, despite the fact that I use windows privately, I learned practically the entire technical school on Linux. My adventure with it began over 8 years ago and it looked completely different than it is today, but I can see that the assumptions themselves have not changed a bit. The first great thing about it is the fact that the windows just don’t flicker as well as any penguin distribution. 

When I was still in the technical school, my main equipment for school work was a ProBook with a not very powerful second-generation i5. On Windows I always waited for something far too long, on Linux I didn’t have such problems. This is definitely a big plus for the penguin system, because not all of us have switched to super machines.

Linux Ubuntu switched to super machine

Linux itself, at least in my opinion, is also much more pleasant to read. What is bad and not very accessible is hidden under the graphic layer. But as long as we don’t go beyond the GUI, everything is fine. I never had to bury myself in the settings, change any options, and the system itself did not make anything difficult for me. I had a feeling of absolute and unfettered freedom. This freedom does not affect our security. Ba! Linux is just safer than windows. So why, if Linux is so great, has it been in the shadow of Windows practically forever?

This is not a system that I would install for parents …

The most prosaic reason Linux is not as popular as pop-ups is because we are so used to pop-ups. Let’s face it, we are brought up on Windows and it is almost everywhere. We could call Microsoft a monopolist on this subject. Years of using the Microsoft system have developed in us habits that in the context of using another system may simply cause discomfort. This is a serious problem because it poses the question – Even if Linux is perfect, will it gain the popularity it deserves? It’s hard to say, it depends on how many people will want to give it a chance.

The second reason is the affordability mentioned above. Do you know where I started preparing to try Linux again? Since the repetition of commands, it was not a failed preparation. You will not find a large part of the programs in the Linux “shop” , which is more convenient than the Windows one. If you need something and it is not in the store, you have to install it manually. It is not as beautiful as on Windows that we download it, run the installer, install it and it is there, it works. An integral part of using a penguin is its terminal. Honestly, I don’t see the prospect of using this system without using a terminal. At least for the moment.

An integral part of using a penguin is its terminal

It is the terminal that is the biggest obstacle here. Sure, you can learn it. It is not even very difficult. I only think about my parents or people who will not want to play with it and I see a big problem with it. Such a strong integration of the system itself with the terminal means that when the terminal fires up during any activity, people who do not see well what is going on will make big eyes and seek help.

Distributions, or Linux dizziness

The very fact of choosing a distribution can make people who do not even know what to look for quite dizzy. We have a whole lot of them. The fortune in all this, however, is that the assumptions of the system itself will not change. It is unfortunate that individual distributions can be very different from each other. Let’s put such Arch with ElementaryOS, for example. The first one, let’s face it, is dedicated to the biggest Linux freaks and complete PowerUsers. The latter takes the form of an accessible system, even for complete newbies on this subject, and it is also very nice.

Distributions, or Linux dizziness - Ubuntu

Of course, the classic Ubuntu will be the most universal choice. In my opinion, it is from this distribution that the adventure with Linux should begin, but absolutely no one forbids trying something else. The basic assumptions of the system, which I mentioned above, assume that if you move to another distribution, you will already know what and how. I’m not going to give advice on choosing the distribution for you here, but I encourage you to do some research on the topic. There is sure to be something interesting for you!

Try Elementary OS

Where are you going Linux?

The changes that are taking place in individual distributions are slowly changing the way people think about Linux. At least in the circle of people who actually observe these changes. When I used it every day, I remember that you had to know how to do something more often than just find the right option. The penguin is changing for the better, you can see it’s heading towards general accessibility, but when will it be really affordable? Hard to say.

Valve are interested in Linux
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I am glad that such large companies as Valve are interested in Linux. Just look! On Linux we will run most of the games now, those 8 years ago I remember struggling to get gothic to fire properly. The last word has not yet been said about this system. Will it ever threaten windows as a free, cool alternative? We’ll see, but I keep my fingers crossed that it actually is.

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