Russia completely bans Facebook and Instagram – court found them “extremist”

Russia completely bans Facebook and Instagram

From now on, Russia completely bans Facebook and Instagram. This is the result of a Russian court decision that became effective immediately after its announcement. Interestingly, WhatsApp remains legal in Russia.

Why is Russia completely banning Facebook and Instagram?

Russia completely bans Facebook and Instagram

Russia a dozen or so days ago made attempts to block, inter alia, Facebook and Twitter . The first platform of the two was blocked by Roskomnadzor, the Russian state body regulating the activities of media and online entities, for allegedly discriminating against Russian media . Now, however, we are dealing with a decision of a different caliber. Facebook and Instagram have been banned by the Russian court.

The court found Meta, which includes Facebook and Instagram, to be an extremist medium . Both social media platforms have been banned from operating in Russia, and the ruling takes effect immediately . WhatsApp has not been banned, for the reason that it is not a public platform. It’s just an instant messenger.

The meta has been in Russia’s target because of its actions so far, which were taken after the Russian aggression against Ukraine . Facebook blocked Russia Today and Sputnik (media financed by Russian authorities), imposed restrictions on the RIA Novosti agency, Zvezda TV channel, and portals, allowed to threaten Vladimir Putin , and made it easier for Ukrainian users to seek help .

The Russian authorities are making sure that the country is not talking about the invasion of Ukraine , but about a legitimate military operation. For telling the truth about the conduct of the Russian armed forces, you can be imprisoned for up to 15 years. 

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Russia wants only the propaganda it creates in circulation. It is not difficult to guess that social media platforms , over which the administration of the Russian authorities have no influence, are an obstacle in controlling society . From the reports posted there, ordinary Russian citizens could find out what is really happening in Ukraine.

source: PAP

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