Smart Bird Feeder with Raspberry Pi – build it yourself and see who you are feeding

Smart Bird Feeder with Raspberry Pi

The days are getting warmer and longer, winter has become a memory and nature comes to life. It can therefore be said that the bird feeding season is now closed. However, nothing prevents you from getting ready for the next one by building your own smart bird feeder with the Raspberry Pi . And while it looks like another idea in the series: I have a Raspberry Pi and too much free time , it’s interesting enough to be worth a closer look. It is even possible that ornithologists will appreciate this project.

Smart Bird Feeder with Raspberry Pi

Smart Bird Feeder with Raspberry Pi

And no, it is not just a camera trap defined as intelligent equipment, just because it works on a hickey. In fact, this equipment is a very clever beast. 

Well, it uses image tracking systems, so that it takes pictures only if there is a bird on the feeder, and at the same time examines the parameters related to its visit. And so, the device has, among others, a temperature, humidity and ultrasonic sensor. So the device is not based on the image itself.

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Smart Bird Feeder with Raspberry Pi

But how does it work? Well, an ultrasonic sensor is used to detect the presence of birds at the feeder. This triggers a camera that captures the image. Using Azure, it analyzes the photo to determine if a bird is nearby. 

And if someone says that it would be enough to just take a picture of everything that sits on the feeder, and then sift out those that are not bird-filled … of course they are right. 

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Rather, no one has any problems with photos of the squirrel, or – in the case of a low window sill and a sunflower in the feeder – with the neighbour’s children. 

Such photographs would explain many things. However, let us remember that to a large extent this is a project that was created because it could, and the excess of form over content is even inscribed in this invention.

If, however, you feel almost convinced of this project, but you lack something, its author has posted a whole album of photographed birds online . By the way, it’s a pity that the camera for the Raspberry Pi is not of higher quality.

Source: Tomshardware

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