Review Ambulance – Bay does everything to make viewers sick in the cinema

Ambulance Review - Michael Bay Squared

This will not be a positive review of the film “Ambulance” , which has been shown in cinemas since last Friday (18.03). It’s hard to find many positive things in this film, because if they do appear, they are covered by a real festival of stupid script decisions. As if that was not enough, the whole thing is shot in such a way that many viewers may just feel sick. And it’s not about bloody scenes, but about the fact that the cinematographers forgot to even take a tripod on the set.

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Ambulance Review – Michael Bay Squared

Ambulance Review - Michael Bay Squared

There are films that show the viewer from the very beginning that they are not approaching the topic too seriously. The creators can play with convention and do their best to emphasize it, and at the same time the viewer is able to “buy” it. 

He knows what he can get and he accepts it. Unfortunately, “Ambulance” does not do that, because from the very beginning it tries to be as serious as possible, and at the same time what we see on the screen makes our tolerance to stupidity severely damaged. 

And forgive me, but in this case I will have to use SPOLIER to prove my point. The plot itself is not complicated, but it does not have to be in action movies. However, it would be right if she was at least a little probable, and at the same time she did not make the viewer an idiot. Unfortunately, the “ambulance” does it at every step.

The production director is Michael Bay , so we kind of know what to expect from the film. Explosions, chases and the American flag waving in the wind. There is the least of the latter, but we managed to push it in. 

However, there are so many explosions, car crashes and shootings here that probably most of the budget went to pyrotechnics specialists. And you could say that it is absolutely justified, because it is an action movie. 

However, something else limps here, namely the work of the camera . Bay has accustomed viewers to specific shots, such as looking at the characters from the knee level. And it’s still acceptable because that’s how she has style. However, it is much more difficult to accept the work of the camera, when it is shaking practically in every scene .

And not only in chase or brawl scenes, but even when two people are talking to each other. You can get nystagmus because there is really a lot of it. Add to that the many scenes filmed with the use of drones flying as if their operators had taken amphetamines . 

Unfortunately, such an attempt to make the film more dynamic came sideways. It is simply exhausting and hearing the opinions of other viewers after leaving the cinema, I know that I was not alone in this perception. If you have problems with the labyrinth, you’d better stay at home or take a purse with you …

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Ambulance plot – a mix of everything with a predominance of illogicality

Ambulance Review - Michael Bay Squared

It is worth mentioning that “Ambulance” is the American version of the Danish “Ambulance” . The plot of both productions is very similar, but of course the one directed by Michael Bay had a budget many times higher. 

The story itself is simple. So we have a retired soldier Will Sharp (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) whose wife has cancer and he has no money for experimental therapy. 

He is also unemployed, so Bay is showing how the US government treats soldiers who were willing to give their lives for an uncomfortable fight. Wife’s illness or Will’s previous occupation are just an excuse to show as many outbursts as possible on the screen for over two hours.

Will goes to get a loan from his brother Danny (Jake Gyllenhaal) , who just so happens to be preparing an extremely lucrative bank robbery. She’s leaving with the crew in five minutes, so Will has to make a quick decision. 

Of course, that’s right, and the attack itself is completely different than planned. Will and Danny have to flee and use an ambulance, where Cam (Eiza González) deals with a policeman they’ve shot. A special police unit begins to draw the brothers, and the FBI later joins them. 

The starting idea itself is really interesting, but from the very beginning the viewer knows that the people who are preparing the bank robbery are… idiots.

Nobody cares about wearing masks, people call each other by name (at least those whom the viewer is supposed to remember), and on top of that, one of the team members is wearing … sandals. It was supposed to be funny, but somehow it didn’t work out.

The bank robbery scene is a reference to the cult scene from Mann ‘s Fever , but done in the Bay style. You can see that the police and bandits are shooting, but it’s hard to say where and to whom. 

On the other hand, each of the shot bumps into something that can effectively fall apart. Anyway, “Ambulance” has a lot of scenes where the viewer does not know why something has crashed or bumped into some obstacle.

Policemen constantly smash their cars over… everything. Stalls, other cars, and one doesn’t even see that the road is over, so it falls out of it and there are some glamorous flips that the car makes. 

Of course, the picture shakes mercilessly, otherwise the viewer would not understand that there was an accident. However, the biggest hit is when, while driving an ambulance, Cam performs an operation using his hands while listening to the instructions given to her during the conference.

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Ambulance review – summary

Ambulance Review - Summary

At the beginning I mentioned that the movie has some advantages. As far as acting is concerned, it is not too bad, although Abdul-Mateen II did much better than Gyllenhaal. 

You can see that the actor wanted to show some emotions, and Gyllenhaal is simply very expressive. “Ambulance” is practically a theater of two actors, so if someone is a fan of them, he should be satisfied. 

Provided that you turn a blind eye to the rest of the production. It’s hard to do it, because unlike, for example, “Fast and the Furious”, “Ambulance” tries to be a serious production, which unfortunately fails. This movie is just tiresome for the way it was shot, and it also makes a fool of viewers. It’s a pity because it was going to be really interesting.

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